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Recognised nationally and internationally, Majestic Infinity Decoration Design LLC has spent more than 25 years curating a diverse interior design portfolio spanning high-end residential, custom multi-residential interiors, retail, hospitality, 5-star hotels and corporate projects.

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Space Planning

Space planning is the core of any interior design. The key to a successful design job starts with determining the purpose of the space being designed.

Interior Design

In the design planning phase, we confirm the design requirements and consider the basic concept of the construction plan.

Design and Supervision

In the construction supervision phase, we perform quality management at the building site based on design drawings and carry out inspections before completion.

Visualizations & Animations

While creating 3D Animation Videos for your design, we keep a close eye on the details of the surroundings to make the video as realistic as possible.



We are passionate knowing that people work, play and inhabit the spaces and places.

We aim to build contemporary homes whose beauty perishes in the delicate touches of minutiae lines and shapes. We tend to collaborate with all our clients so that we can see their ideas through their perspective.

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We work to an extremely high standard of customer satisfaction

Majestic Infinity Decoration Design LLC is a leading national design and architectural consultancy in the commercial, education, government, health and hospitality sectors. Our goal is to bring your visions to life and create designs that meet and exceed expectations.

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